You obviously wonder why some content remain evergreen while other make it for a very short time, or even hardly make it there. There are types of content that sell faster on the internet than others. However, you cannot apply all at a go. It also depends with your creativity; the more creative the more persuasion hence optimization. Take a look at the following three, easy and popular but still remain top notch.

Info graphics

Info graphics from the name itself means information is delivered by the use of graphics. Graphics are pictures or visual images conveying a certain meaning. Research has shown that graphical content is more memorable than written one. Viewers are more likely to click on an image to learn from it, than open a writing-based link. A lead message that uses graphics can be conveyed easily and faster than even having a summarized piece of word-article. Additionally, graphics get shared via social sites like Twitter and Facebook. By this they get viral in a blink hence gaining higher chances of optimization. Research has shown that graphical content gets viral three times more than written content, so you are safer using graphics as part of your publishing. However, with the popularity of graphics, you have to strive to stand out among the many. Get a professional graphic designer who creates quality and captivating images that are at per with your brand. It may call for more expense but end up worthwhile in the quest to optimize your content. Another upcoming aspect in the market is the use of gifographics. These are basically animations. Even little kids enjoy viewing animations so you will have then advocating for your content too hence more viewers.


A video is memorable and appealing to the eye. When explaining an activity such as performing some body exercises, the user is more likely to remember the demonstration on a video than if they just explained it by use of words. They actually get a clearer image in their mind and hence will always have a tendency of searching video content that written on. If you adopt this, you will have more viewers for your work and hence Search Engine Optimization. If you are using and explainer video in which you incorporate audio explanations, make sure you have a good choice of words; words that are persuasive and understandable.


They are those comical images that are accompanied by words. It could be the message making the image funny or the vice versa. They are very easy to make and require not professionalism. Even when at home you can do it. You just take a photograph and use an editing phone application like photo grid, to add a message. Do not over use them though as it will not be good for the purpose of optimization.